Experience Hour Adult Classes

The Experience Hour is a time for adults of all ages to learn, grow, and connect on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

If you’re new to the Apostolic Church, we suggest that you start with these two classes first:

  • Growth Track: Taught by Pastor Warman in room A110. In this class you will hear the church’s vision, learn how to become a member, what we believe, and how to get connected.
    This class leads into the “Fresh Start “class.
  • Fresh Start – taught by Pastor D. Dumas. Do you want a fresh start in life? Are you new to Christianity? Survey basic doctrines and principles which are integral to salvation and the Christian walk. Open discussion and friendly format enables participants to ask questions.

Once you have completed those classes, there are several other options. They utilize a “centralized group” format, which is a mix of teaching and small group table discussions. You will discuss and apply scriptural concepts and get to know other folks better. We hope that all who attend will become healthy Christians, discovering and fulfilling God’s purpose.

The classes / groups are offered in age bands. Here are the current groups:

  • College Students and Young Adults
    Where: “The hangout,” located on the 2nd floor above the dining hall
    Leader: Shae Warman.
  • 20 somethings
    Where: Holy Grounds Coffee Shop.
    Leader: Chris Bertram
  • Young families
    Where: Chapel, located on the 2nd Floor
    Leader: Charlene McVety
  • Purpose Driven Life
    Who: mixed ages, married and single
    Where: Prayer Room, located on the 1st floor
    Leader: Kevin Naughton
  • AC Gold
    Who: primarily for seasoned members or those desiring a traditional Pentecostal format.
    Where: Dining hall
    Leader: Pastor Gary Hunley.

For more information, stop by the guest services desk in the lobby where a member of the greeting team can assist you with in finding the right class and locations. They can also escort you directly to the class if you would like.

See our current class listing below

If you’d like to become a part of this ministry, please contact the church office at (248) 373-4500 or use our contact form.