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Looking for something different?

Wanting more purpose in your life?

Wishing to be loved and cared for?

No Awkward First Visit

Here’s the deal…

We know it can feel a little weird visiting a church for the first time…

And that’s why we created Plan Your Visit.

When you sign up for Plan Your Visit, we’ll:

  • Meet you at the front door
  • Give you a brief tour of the church
  • Help you get your kids checked in
  • Introduce you to some great people
  • Save your seats
  • Make sure you meet some of our pastors

…and we’ll even sit with you if you want, so you don’t have to sit alone!

We want your first visit to The Apostolic Church (TAC) to be as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We’re excited to meet you and your family!

Come be with us this Sunday! Click on Plan Your Visit below and schedule your first visit with us.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

We don’t judge

We don’t care what you wear.

We don’t care how you look.

We don’t care about your past.

You are LOVED and WELCOMED here, and we just want to meet you 🙂

Pastor Steve and Renee

Hi, my name is Steve.

I believe that you belong to God, and every single person has a unique gift that makes them special, loved and cherished to God. We celebrate your uniqueness! We celebrate your calling! God has a great future for you and your family.

Maybe you know exactly what that future is. Maybe you feel you knew once, but life has challenged you and you want to discover it again. Or, maybe you have no exact idea what God has in store for you…

But I want to help you find your purpose. TAC is a safe place for you. As a church family, we are committed to loving you, and helping you discover the wonderful, God-designed future for your life.

I am so excited to meet you. God has a beautiful and awesome plan for your life. Please join us!

Test drive a sermon

Give Me Another Year

The parable of the fig tree, found in Luke 13, is lit by grace and packed with warning. It not only cries, “If you take up space, you better produce!”, but it also shows that our master gardener, JESUS, doesn’t give up easily! He has everything needed–including abundant mercy, love and strength–to develop us to grow to our ultimate potential.

It’s Already There

What you need from God is ALREADY THERE. The answer and solution to your problem is ALREADY THERE. Jesus already knows your need–before you even ask. But, you have to do your part! He’ll want to use your hands: you do the POSSIBLE and Jesus will do the IMPOSSIBLE.

Keep Your Hands Up

God’s people WILL get attached from time to time. But when you are attacked, refuse to surrender your future to the enemy! Listen as Pastor Steve teaches how to launch a God-directed defense and offense in your life–reclaiming what is rightfully YOURS.

Your kids are going to love it here…

at 10 am and 11 am

at 7 pm

Our Kids Church has…

  • Fun services specifically for kids
  • Engaging and interactive worship music
  • Age-appropriate Bible lessons
  • Games
  • All in a designated safe and secure environment

Each week, our talented team prepares incredible and dynamic services geared especially for ages 6 months to 5th grade. While you enjoy your services on Sundays and Wednesdays, your children will have a blast learning and worshipping with their friends! (Trust us, they will be begging you to come back every Sunday). Watch them grow as they connect to God, engage in worship, and become empowered for ministry. We love our Kids at TAC!

Your teens are going to love it here…

Sundays at 10 am

Wednesdays at 7 pm

Our Teen Church has…

  • Worshipping with other teens
  • Meeting the real Jesus
  • Making friends that become family
  • Serving their local community
  • Growing in their relationship with God

At AC YTH, we engage in weekly dynamic worship services, small groups, weekend hangouts, and quarterly trips such as camps, retreats, and silent discos. We love seeing our students lead others to know their God.

Plan your visit NOW, and we will see you this weekend at TAC!